All our Heat Wheat products carry a two year manufacturer's warranty for products used in a normal domestic situation and six months in a commercial situation where products are in constant use. As long as you use your Heat Wheat product according to the manufacturer's instructions there is no reason why it will not last for many years. All heating and care instructions come within the packaging. Also heating instructions are sewn into the product either on the back of the product or swing tag. It is highly recommended that you update or replace your product roughly every 3 years to ensure you are getting maximum effectiveness from your product.

As our products are classed as Grade 1 Medical Devices, we are unable to except returns of products that have been opened or used as we are unable to re-sell them. Please choose carefully and please don't hesitate to ask for advice when ordering to ensure you select the right product. 

Our warranty does NOT cover mistreatment of products. For Example: over-heating, damage of products due to foods/liquids/oils/creams etc being spilt on products or contamination with external contaminants or overheating of products. If you have any issues with your product, please contact our offices via email (sales@heatwheat.com) or phone 1300 788 322 and we can assist you.

In order for your product to be assessed for a warranty replacement, item will need to be returned to us at your own expense. 

The product will be assessed and tested and you will be notified the outcome.

Please send your product/s to the address below for assessment for Warranty Replacement:

Heat Wheat Products
ATTN: Warranty Assessment
Unit 11
23 Activity Crescent

All our Heat Wheat products have been approved as Class 1 Medical Devices by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Click here to download our Warranty Sheet