Packaging Options

Packaging Options


We offer two options for the packaging of our products.


Standard Packaging:

The Standard Packaging option is included in the product price and is a Environmentally Friendly Recycled Cardboard Option. This packaging is not ideal for the long-term storage of your products and is purely designed to be eye-catching and draw attention to the products when they are on the shelf. Due to the Australia cut-out in this packaging the product inside the packaging is packaged in a heat sealed plastic packaging to protect it from damage during transport.

Standard Packaging Large                                                   Standard Packaging Small


Premium Packaging:

The Premium Packaging option includes a Microwave Safe Container. This packaging is ideal for the long-term storage of your products and is designed to be both eye-catching and extremely functional. The Premium Packaging allows you to easily heat your product in the microwave whilst it is protected from any fluids or contaminants. All you have to do is remove the lid from the Microwave Safe Box and pop it straight into you microwave to heat. The Premium Packaging is a great way to protect you product and ensure its longevity. 

Premium Packaging Large                                                   Premium Packaging Small